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Wednesday Funnie 28/3


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Hints and Tips part 6

Top of the day!

I trust you are building your own portfolio of hints and tips, which are helping to make life easier and more streamlined for you!

1. To sew in a zip, stick the zip in place with transparent sticky tape. Sew through the tape and pull off afterwards

2. Only wash strawberries just prior to eating them. They will keep better when stored dry

3. To prevent ice cube trays sticking together in the freezer, place a sheet of tinfoil or wax paper in between each tray

4. Store your plastic shopping bags in a 2 litre plastic container. Cut a medium circle on the front and just stuff the bags into the top of the container and pull out the circle when needed.

5. For even distribution of your favourite perfume spray the fragrance in front of you and then walk through it


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I say Yes

Loving greetings!

I received this from one of the most positive and spiritually in tune people I’ve met in a very long time!!! I trust it will inspire you as it has me!!


to listen to my desires
to love myself completely
to make myself happy & joyful
to be deeply fulfilled
and live in purposeful ecstasy.
My body is an Open & Receptive temple for Divinity, Joy, Bliss, Fulfillment & Soulful Purpose to embody within.

I give myself COMPLETE PERMISSION to turn myself on
to bathe in love
& to embody the grace & wisdom of feminine divinity.

I am an activated Goddess overflowing with an abundance of Love, Joy, Bliss, Self-Love, Wisdom, Life Force Energy & Soulful Healing Creativity.

I say YES to Fulfillment
I say YES to Heart Wisdom
I say YES to Authentic Desire
I say YES to Joy
I say YES to Creativity
I say YES to Sensuality
I say YES to My Soul’s Purpose
I say YES to Sexuality
I say YES to Abundance
I say YES to Freedom & Liberation
I say YES to LIFE.


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Wednesday Funnie 21/3





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Power Quotes

Salutations to all!

Here are some awesome POWER quotes to get you through the day! Here’s to making a difference!!!

Act as though it were impossible to fail ~ Anonymous

T.E.A.M: Together Everyone Achieves More

When we put a limit on what we will do, we put a limit on what we can do ~ Charles Schwab

Say YES to your dreams. Say YES to your unfolding future ~ Les Brown

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty ~ Winston Churchill

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra ~ Zig Ziglar

Success is focussing all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve ~ Wilfred A. Peterson

The impossible is often the untried ~ Jim Goodwin

The distance doesn’t matter, it is only the first step that is difficult ~ Madame du Deffand

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work ~ Thomas Edison



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Elephant Photoblog


The elephant is very close to my heart, I think it has something to do with how gentle this mighty creature can be. And of course that it’s the matriach that leads the herd certainly doesn’t hurt!


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Wednesday Funnie 14/3


Some fun and interesting info:

  • Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled ‘Gentlemen Only…Ladies Forbidden’…and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language
  • The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone
  • Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury
  • Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better
  • Coca-Cola was originally green
  • It is impossible to lick your elbow
  • The first novel ever written on a typewriter: Tom Sawyer
  • Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history:
    Spades-King David – Hearts-Charlemagne – Clubs-Alexander, the Great – Diamonds-Julius Caesar
  • 111,111,111 x
    111,111,111 =
  • If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died
    in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air the person died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes

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Wednesday Funnie 7/3

So appropriate in the age of social media 😉


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Hints and Tips part 5

Top of the day to you!

Hints and Tips – I love them! Hopefully you will find that one gem of information you have been waiting for!

1. Boil tomatoes in order to skin them easily in order to make homemade sauces and soups

2. OR you can freeze the tomatoes!!! Once they start to thaw the skins will slip off easily.

3. Planning a party? Then why not freeze herbs (or even fruit) into ice cubes – making your drinks look pretty and adding flavour!

4. On that you can even add a bit of alcohol to water or just freeze the juice you are going to use in order not to dilute your drinks too much.

5. Been in the sun a tad too long? Grate a cucumber and mix with half a teaspoon of glycerine and half a teaspoon of rose water. Apply and leave on for approximately an hour – this should soothe those sunburns.


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Where I want to be – Morocco

Dear Readers,

Even though in my time, I have been fortunate enough to have travelled our planet reasonably far and wide, there always remains just a few more places I’d like to plant my feet. With that in mind this is the first in my “Where I want to be” travel blogs. It’s places I’ve thought of going to and have added to my bucket list. Top of my list is Magical Morocco!

If I think of the Kingdom of Morocco I think spices, carpets, snake charmer, food, and everything that tantalizes the senses. I would of course request an audience with the King of Morocco and greet him with Salam wa aleikum (Peace be upon you) to which I will be blessed to hear the response of Wa aleikum ah salam (and also peace be upon you) We will discuss how Amazigh and Moroccan Arabic (spoken) are the two official languages, but that lyrical French is the unofficial 2nd language and that Berber is also a spoken language. The king will tell me that the word “Morocco” originates from the Spanish “Marruecos” or the Portuguese “Marrocos” which refers to Marrakesh and that it is still called so in Persian/Urda. He will then further explain to me that Marrakesh is the Berber word combination of Mart n Akush meaning Land of God! Now does that not send peace all the way down your spine?

In an intelligent voice I will ask the king how the governing of Morocco works and he will tell me that it is a Constitutional Monarchy with an elected parliament. I of course will nod in understanding, adding that Rabat is the political capital even though Casablanca is the largest city. (silently congratulating myself on brushing up before our meeting) I would also add – travel guru that I am – that Morocco has 3 international airports: Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir. My choice of flight though was to Marrakesh with Air France, as I first just had to stopover in Paris.

The king will then politely stand up and say that he has to attend matters pertaining to the country. With a wise nod and wink I agree and am off to follow my fantasy journey.

Marrakesh (English) aka Marrakech (English or French) aka Marraquech (Spanish) aka Marrakesch (German) at first I’m a little confused with all the different spellings, but soon I am walking through the 2nd largest city in Morocco. Here I find the largest traditional souk and then suddenly I find myself in a blaze of colour, sounds and smells as I walk across Djemaa el Fna, not for nothing is it one of the busiest squares in Africa. I am surrounded by acrobats, story-tellers, dancers, snake charmers, musicians and as the sun sets the aromatic smells from all the night food stalls. After each of my senses have been fulfilled, I stroll along to stand in awe of the residencies of French designers and grand couturiers Jean-Paul Gaultier and Yves Saint-Laurent. Yes, you heard it from me – they have homes here!

Next I’m in the economic and business center of Morocco – Casablanca!!!  Casa – House and Blanca – White, so basically I’m visiting the White House!! Of course if you are in the know or a local you will simply refer to it as Casa. I of course feel like Ingrid Bergman in the 1942 “Casablanca”, looking for my Humphrey Bogart. With this in mind I signal a Petits Taxi (Small Taxi) in bright red to transport me to “Ricks Cafe Americain” . Next to me a family of four climb into a Grands Taxis (Big Taxi) in shiny white, their excited chatter speak of going to Hassan II Mosque on the shores of the Atlantic. I quickly check my guide-book and discover that this is the largest Mosque in Northern Africa, accommodating 25 000 worshippers inside and 80 0000 inside, costing a staggering 800 million dollars to build. Slightly wishing I was following them, I climb into my taxi, excitedly giving the name of the establishment I want to go to. Shaking his head and in exasperation the taxi driver says “It’s a movie, it’s a movie – the cafe does not exist!!!” Not to be put down, I quickly say I was joking and request to go to the small island of Marabout de Sidi Abderrahmane. During low tide you are able to walk to the rocky island. Here I will find the tomb of Sidi Abderrhamane Thaalibi – Founder of Algiers. The locals make informal pilgrimages here to reflect on life and seek religious enlightenment – something I might be needing, but alas non-muslims are unable to attend the tomb. So instead I sit and reflect outside.

The Atlas mountains are now calling…I will leave you now as while I’m trekking I will be unable to talk! (something to do with trying to catch my breath), but I will be taking a cooking course and seeing the most beautiful sights, so rest assured I will be enjoying every moment.


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