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Kidz say the darnest things

Kids say the darnest things…

From the time my son Angelo was 2.5yrs he already had quite a vast vocabulary and would say things that would leave us and others stunned.  I was advised time and time again to write these things down and regret that I often didn’t.  Here are a few things I did manage to either write down or with great difficulty due to my fabulous memory (not) that I remember.

So lets see.  From his huge heart in his tiny chest. He was barely 3yrs old when I was going through his clothes and taking some out, he asked me what I was doing and I said that I was taking his clothes to give to Magda, our domestic worker who’s shack had burned down and she has a son of the same age.  He runs down the stairs shouting… “Magda, Magda…don’t worry I will blow and blow the fire out.  Round about the same time the wind had blown one of my little trees down and he said don’t worry mommy, I will fix it.  There are loads and loads more, from asking me why the begger on the street is homeless and why we don’t just buy him a home to showing some humility to animals.

It must be said that with becoming 4!  A whole new world opens for them and this chicky attitude just kicks in.  Just before he turned four though, he welcomed a baby sister into this world.  He would say things like she smells like cookies and I just want to eat her.   Oh yes that reminds me…this left us quite open mouthed…I was due to go in for a C-section on a Monday but by Saturday had gone into labour, as we were driving to a friend to drop him off and in the car I had a bad contraction he turns to his dad and I and says…’guys, is my baby coming?’  How does a 3y.9m child know anything about this??? He often refers to her as ‘his’ baby.

On a recent visit to grandpa (my dad) who always has a slab of chocolate to hand out,  he was given a pack of batteries for all his remote controlled cars etc. Angelo says not to worry he prefers these batteries anyway, this brought grandpa a giggle, who was already feeling bad for not having the regular chocolate bar.  Also about a day or two ago apart from his supersonic ears, he also has amazing eyes…staring at the horizon he says he can see other countries, he can even see the peramints (pyramids) ofEgypt.

I could go on and on and maybe even phone a friend to who calls herself his grandmother and with whom I often share these stories with, she might have a dozen or more to add, but let me end by saying every child is so unique and precious and I’m sure you have a list of your own and enjoyed reading mine.

Till next time, yours in parenting… Petra

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A world of Collective Nouns

Top of the day to you!

Ever been in a conversation and you want to refer to the collective name of a group of nouns – but just did not know what it was? We all know the basics such as a Pride of Lions or a Team of Athletes, but here is an extended list, with a few I bet you have never heard of! Now the trick is to remember what you have learnt!!!


cast of actors
bridge of admirals
fidget of alterboys
chorus of angels
herd of antelope
army of ants
colony of ants
swarm of ants
shrewdness of apes
belt of asteroids
congress of baboons
tribe of baboons
culture of bacteria
colony of badgers
hand of bananas
cloud of bats
hill of beans
sleuth of bears
sloth of bears
pack of bears (polar bears)
bevy of beauties
colony of beavers
lodge of beavers
flight of bees
hive of bees
swarm of bees
peal of bells
congregation of birds
flight of birds
flock of birds
volery of birds
troop of boy scouts
brace of bucks
clash of bucks
herd of buffalo
sneer of butlers
rabble of butterflies
swarm of butterflies
wake of buzzards
flock of camels
army of caterpillars
clowder of cats
clutter of cats
glaring of cats
pounce of cats
dout of cats (house cats)
nuisance of cats (house cats)
kendle of cats (kittens)
kindle of cats (kittens)
litter of cats (kittens)
drove of cattle
herd of cattle
team of cattle
yoke of cattle (two)
brood of chickens
flock of chickens
peep of chickens
brood of chicks
chattering of chicks
clutch of chicks
cartload of chimpanzees
evensong of choirboys
bank of circuits
quiver of cobras
rag of colts
rake of colts
congregation of crocodiles
float of crocodiles
storytelling of crows
murder of crows
kennel of dogs
pack of dogs
litter of dogs (puppies)
pod of dolphins
drove of donkeys
herd of donkeys
pace of donkeys
flight of dragons
weyr of dragons
wing of dragons
round of drinks
brace of ducks
flock of ducks
flush of ducks
paddling of ducks
raft of ducks
team of ducks
aerie of eagles
convocation of eagles
swarm of eels
herd of elephants
memory of elephants
parade of elephants
gang of elk
herd of elk
staff of employees
business of ferrets
cirucs of fighter aircraft
catch of fish
haul of fish
run of fish
school of fish
shoal of fish
swarm of flies
bouquet of flowers
patter of footsteps
lead of foxes
leash of foxes
skulk of foxes
army of frogs
colony of frogs
knot of frogs
talent of gamblers
flock of geese
gaggle of geese
wedge of geese (flying in a ‘V’)
skein of geese (in flight)
horde of gerbils
corps of giraffes
herd of giraffes
tower of giraffes
company of girl guides
cloud of gnats
horde of gnats
swarm of gnats
drove of goats
herd of goats
tribe of goats
trip of goats
pantheon of gods
charm of goldfinches
glint of goldfish
band of gorillas
skein of goslings
bunch of grapes
cloud of grasshoppers
leash of greyhounds
group of guinea pigs
colony of gulls
horde of hamsters
drove of hares
aerie of hawks
cast of hawks
kettle of hawks
array of hedgehogs
prickle of hedgehogs
brood of hens
brood of hens
hedge of herons
sedge of herons
siege of herons
shoal of herrings
crash of hippopotami
herd of hippopotami
bloat of hippopotami
slew of homework
gang of hoodlums
nest of hornets
calvacade of horsemen
harras of horses
herd of horses
stable of horses
team of horses
troop of horses
charm of hummingbirds
clan of hyenas
cackle of hyenas
smack of jellyfish
herd of kangaroos
mob of kangaroos
troop of kangaroos
bevy of ladies
huddle of lawyers
leap of leopards
leep of leopards
lepe of leopards
pride of lions
sault of lions
sowse of lions
troop of lions
lounge of lizards
herd of llamas
plague of locusts
tidings of magpies
sord of mallards
atlas of maps
stud of mares
band of men
horde of mice
mischief of mice
nest of mice
click of mice – computer
company of moles
labor of moles
movement of moles
bank of monitors
cartload of monkeys
tribe of monkeys
troop of monkeys
troup of monkeys
herd of moose
range of mountains
barren of mules
pack of mules
rake of mules
span of mules
bestiary of mythological creatures
watch of nightingales
flap of nuns
parliament of owls
drove of oxen
herd of oxen
span of oxen
team of oxen
yoke of oxen (two)
bed of oysters
company of parrots
covey of partridges
muster of peacocks
ostentation of peacocks
rope of pearls
colony of penguins
crèche of penguins
huddle of penguins
parcel of penguins
rookery of penguins
congregation of people
flight of pigeons
flock of pigeons
drove of pigs
herd of pigs
litter of pigs
farrow of pigs (piglets)
sounder of pigs (wild pigs)
shoal of pilchards
lie of politicians
string of ponies
pod of porpoises
school of porpoises
dilation of pupils
bevy of quail
covey of quail
bury of rabbits
colony of rabbits
down of rabbits
drove of rabbits
husk of rabbits
leash of rabbits
trace of rabbits
trip of rabbits
warren of rabbits
nest of rabbits (young)
wrack of rabbits (young)
gaze of raccoons
nursery of raccoons
colony of rats
horde of rats
mischief of rats
pack of rats
plague of rats
swarm of rats
rhumba of rattlesnakes
storytelling of ravens
unkindness of ravens
consipracy of ravens
crash of rhinocerouses
deck of sailors
calendar of saints
run of salmon
school of salmon
shoal of salmon
bob of seals
colony of seals
crash of seals
harem of seals
herd of seals
pod of seals
rookery of seals
spring of seals
team of seals
school of shark
shiver of shark
down of sheep
drove of sheep
flock of sheep
fold of sheep
hurtle of sheep
trip of sheep
armada of ships
fleet of ships
choir of singers
bed of snakes
den of snakes
nest of snakes
pit of snakes
walk of snipes
wisp of snipes
boast of soldiers
brigade of soldiers
company of soldiers
platoon of soldiers
squad of soldiers
host of sparrows
dray of squirrels
scurry of squirrels
flight of stairs
constellation of stars
glaxy of stars
muster of storks
mustering of storks
boo of surprises
flight of swallows
bevy of swans
herd of swans
wedge of swans (flying in a ‘V’)
flock of swifts
drift of swine
sounder of swine
clank of tanks
agenda of tasks
hug of teddy bears
battery of tests
ambush of tigers
streak of tigers
knot of toads
heap of trash
grove of trees
stand of trees
hover of trout
flock of turkeys
brood of turkeys (immature)
bale of turtles
blessing of unicorns
constituency of voters
colony of vultures
absense of waiters
herd of walruses
pod of walruses
pack of weasels
sneak of weasels
charlotte of webpages
gam of whales
herd of whales
pod of whales
school of whales
ambush of widows
coven of witches
herd of wolves
pack of wolves
rout of wolves
route of wolves
gaggle of women
fall of woodcocks
descent of woodpeckers
worship of writers
herd of zebras
zeal of zebras
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Wednesday Funnie 9/5


Love – such a beautiful, yet confusing thing at times!


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Thank you to my readers

A short note to say thank you to all my readers! For your comments, thoughts, likes and follows. It’s great to know that there is such an awesome community of like minded people across our beautiful planet!!!


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7 secrets of success I found in my room

The 7 secrets of success I found in my room… So simple yet so effect!


Roof said………………………………………….Aim high

Fan said……………………………………………Keep cool headed

Clock said…………………………………………Every minute is precious

Mirror said……………………………………….Reflect before you act

Window said…………………………………….See the world

Calendar said……………………………………Be up-to-date

Door said………………………………………….Push hard to achieve your goals



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Wednesday Funnie 2/5

And here is one for the boys!


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