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Hints and Tips part 7


This is the final hints and tips in the series for now.

1. Cracks in china vases can discolour after a time. Apply a little dilute bleach on a cotton bud, apply to crack and allow to set for about 15minutes. Rinse and dry

2. I use this one quite a bit thanks to Soek and Zippo! Remove pet hairs/fluff with a length of sticky tape wrapped around your hand.

3. When hanging a sweater or jersey to dry, in order to prevent peg marks, run a par of tights/pantyhose through the cuffs and neck, peg the tights to the line.

4. Fold a sheet into manageable sections, and iron flat one by one

5. Clean an iron while still hot. Rub it on an old towl to remove stickiness, then dip a damp cloth in bicarbonate of soda and wipe.


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Hints and Tips part 6

Top of the day!

I trust you are building your own portfolio of hints and tips, which are helping to make life easier and more streamlined for you!

1. To sew in a zip, stick the zip in place with transparent sticky tape. Sew through the tape and pull off afterwards

2. Only wash strawberries just prior to eating them. They will keep better when stored dry

3. To prevent ice cube trays sticking together in the freezer, place a sheet of tinfoil or wax paper in between each tray

4. Store your plastic shopping bags in a 2 litre plastic container. Cut a medium circle on the front and just stuff the bags into the top of the container and pull out the circle when needed.

5. For even distribution of your favourite perfume spray the fragrance in front of you and then walk through it


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Hints and Tips part 5

Top of the day to you!

Hints and Tips – I love them! Hopefully you will find that one gem of information you have been waiting for!

1. Boil tomatoes in order to skin them easily in order to make homemade sauces and soups

2. OR you can freeze the tomatoes!!! Once they start to thaw the skins will slip off easily.

3. Planning a party? Then why not freeze herbs (or even fruit) into ice cubes – making your drinks look pretty and adding flavour!

4. On that you can even add a bit of alcohol to water or just freeze the juice you are going to use in order not to dilute your drinks too much.

5. Been in the sun a tad too long? Grate a cucumber and mix with half a teaspoon of glycerine and half a teaspoon of rose water. Apply and leave on for approximately an hour – this should soothe those sunburns.


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Hints and Tips part 4

Greetings to all!

On a previous hints and tips article I had a reader who commented: In order to keep a house clean, just use contraception! I must say I did have a very good giggle! Sometimes it is that simple. 🙂

1. Water and vinegar rubbed on to window panes with an old newspaper will really make them sparkle

2. Take a handful of rice and any warm detergent, put into any decanter or narrow-necked vase and it will clean any marks that you can’t reach

3. This is a fabulous one!! To remove dents in wood furniture – place a thick, damp cloth over the area, place the tip of a hot iron immediately over the dent. The steam will penetrate and swell the compacted wood

4. Wipe just a little washing-up liquid over a bathroom mirror to prevent misting

5. A halved lemon rubbed over a wooden chopping board will remove unpleasant odours



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Hints and Tips part 3


Who needs their lives made just a little easier? I certainly do! Below are a few, which might just include something you desparately need! Please go to my hints and tips category to find part 1 and 2.

1. My two hondekinders (doggie children) appreciate this one very much! To stop ants from eating your pets food or ending up drowned in their water, put the food/water bowl into a bigger bowl filled with water.

2. Smelly fridge? No problem! Baking Soda comes to the rescue. Place an opened container filled with baking soda in the fridge and replace approx very two months. (and as a further use pour the contents you are replacing down your drain as it helps clean and eliminate odours)

3. For extra shiny hair: Blondes add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to your rinsing water when washing your hair and brunettes / redheads try adding some apple cider vinegar.

4. Ant problems? You can try lemon juice, pepper or cinnamon to help keep them away. Even talc sprinkled in the areas they walk will block their way!

5. Wanting to impress with light and fluffy rice? Just place a piece of dry bread on top of cooked rice and cover. The bread will absorb extra moisture and starch.

Hints and Tips of your own? Please email me at – I will add and credit you.


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Hints and Tips part 2

Top of the morning/afternoon/evening to you!!

These days people are so rushed and stressed – which means we all need little ways to make our lives that bit easier. Ergo, I am putting together hints and tips to use around the house. Please see my hints and tips category to find part 1.

1. Use an old sock over your hands to wipe down your blinds – quick and easy, also really effective.

2. For kissable lips: apply your lip gloss in the centre of your mouth, it creates a fuller (therefore sexy) look.

3. Unfortunately I am not much of a dressmaker, but for those of you who are nifty with the needle, try placing a very slippery piece of material in the freezer for an hour or two – apparantly this helps!

4. Some of us still have to resort to washing dishes by hand (uurggghhh) to aid in this, add a tablespoon of baking soda to the water. Not only does ithave a grease cutting effect, but it also helps in keeping the hands soft!

5. Trouble peeling a garlic clove? This is easily helped by either popping the clove in the microwave for approx 15 seconds or by simply pressing hard down on it with the back end of a knife!

Should anyone have any hints they would like to submit, just email me on – I will add and credit.



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Hints and Tips part 1

Greetings all,

I love hints and tips to use around the house, making life just that little easier. I’ve put together a few and will in due course add some more – so keep checking back!

1. Place candles in the freezer for approx 3 hours before burning them. Why? Because they will then have a longer burning time!

2. (This one Soek and Zippo especially love) When bathing your pet, place a rubber mat into the bottom of the bath – This ensures a more secure footing for your pet, making them feel just a little more safe and secure!

3. Sprinkle a little salt in your frying pan before cooking with oil – it helps prevent the oil from splattering.

4. (This one is so simple – but so effective!!!!) To pick up pins, use a magnet which has been placed inside a plastic bag. Once all the pins have been picked up, turn the bag inside out and you will have them all neatly inside! Voila!!!

5. One for the ladies – To tame eyebrows – spray a little hair spray on a toothbrush and brush on eye brows – the stickiness helps keeps the hair in place.

If anyone else has some tips just email me on – and I will happily add (along with credit)



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