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Elephant Photoblog


The elephant is very close to my heart, I think it has something to do with how gentle this mighty creature can be. And of course that it’s the matriach that leads the herd certainly doesn’t hurt!


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Lion Photoblog

Top of the day all!

Following on the “Interview with a Lion” blog I have put together a few of the lion pic’s I have. It is truly amazing to see this “King of the Jungle” in his natural environment!


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Photoblog Birds

Thou art clothed on with plumes, as with leaves,
Frond-like, and lighter than air;
Thy pinions are arrows in sheaves,
That carry thee none knoweth where


Thou fliest, and none gives pursuit,
Thy realm both the earth and the sky;
Thou hast in thy bosom a flute,
The glance of a soul in thine eye.


Thou obeyest a sovereign power
That sets thee on Summer’s track;
Thou knowest the tide and the hour
When to advance, or turn back.


Into the world thou art flung,
Thou herald of rapture and light.
Thou weavest a home for thy young–
And none but thyself hath the sleight.


Out of the world thou art gone,
And who shall say where is thy rest?
A rapture and light are withdrawn
Into some Heaven-side nest.


For who of my kind hath beheld
Where, stricken, were any of thine?
Hast thou not been, from of old–
A spirit unscathed and divine?

~ Edith Matilda Thomas



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Photoblog Sunsets

Top of the day to you!

There is something magical about a sunset. It always brings an automatic calm over me and I can’t but help take photo after photo trying to capture the absolute beauty. Somehow though even if the picture looks pretty (and please note no photoshop techniques were used to adjust colours) it is never quite the same.


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Wildlife Photoblog


As this is a photo blog I will keep it short and sweet.

The below pictures are a few (else I’d take pages and pages up) of my favourite wildlife pictures for 2011.


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