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Kidz say the darnest things

Kids say the darnest things…

From the time my son Angelo was 2.5yrs he already had quite a vast vocabulary and would say things that would leave us and others stunned.  I was advised time and time again to write these things down and regret that I often didn’t.  Here are a few things I did manage to either write down or with great difficulty due to my fabulous memory (not) that I remember.

So lets see.  From his huge heart in his tiny chest. He was barely 3yrs old when I was going through his clothes and taking some out, he asked me what I was doing and I said that I was taking his clothes to give to Magda, our domestic worker who’s shack had burned down and she has a son of the same age.  He runs down the stairs shouting… “Magda, Magda…don’t worry I will blow and blow the fire out.  Round about the same time the wind had blown one of my little trees down and he said don’t worry mommy, I will fix it.  There are loads and loads more, from asking me why the begger on the street is homeless and why we don’t just buy him a home to showing some humility to animals.

It must be said that with becoming 4!  A whole new world opens for them and this chicky attitude just kicks in.  Just before he turned four though, he welcomed a baby sister into this world.  He would say things like she smells like cookies and I just want to eat her.   Oh yes that reminds me…this left us quite open mouthed…I was due to go in for a C-section on a Monday but by Saturday had gone into labour, as we were driving to a friend to drop him off and in the car I had a bad contraction he turns to his dad and I and says…’guys, is my baby coming?’  How does a 3y.9m child know anything about this??? He often refers to her as ‘his’ baby.

On a recent visit to grandpa (my dad) who always has a slab of chocolate to hand out,  he was given a pack of batteries for all his remote controlled cars etc. Angelo says not to worry he prefers these batteries anyway, this brought grandpa a giggle, who was already feeling bad for not having the regular chocolate bar.  Also about a day or two ago apart from his supersonic ears, he also has amazing eyes…staring at the horizon he says he can see other countries, he can even see the peramints (pyramids) ofEgypt.

I could go on and on and maybe even phone a friend to who calls herself his grandmother and with whom I often share these stories with, she might have a dozen or more to add, but let me end by saying every child is so unique and precious and I’m sure you have a list of your own and enjoyed reading mine.

Till next time, yours in parenting… Petra

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